World Without Corrosion

World Without Corrosion

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Message From CEO

Through a properly equipped, highly qualified and well-skilled workforce, Los Amigos provides a large package of services and solutions to meet our customers’ requirements and expectations to achieve all business objectives and plans when it comes to corrosion fighting . Additionally, Los Amigos provides a highly standardized inspection and repair services through our experienced staff to fulfill customers’ demands during normal operations, emergencies, &. The culture of Los Amigos is founded in Honesty, Integrity, Reliability and Continuous Improvement.
Through Many decades corrosion was one of the most things that affects economy in a very negative way. Fighting corrosion has become the most important element that all industrial sectors are looking for to keep their assets in a good condition and which consequently affects the integrity report that most of the establishments are seeking for. Los Amigos has been in this field over the past 22 years introducing the most advanced technologies and materials to fight and protect steel from corrosion for a very long time range, besides offering the most advanced technologies for inspection services.

Our Vision

At LOS AMIGOS G.T.C, we recognize that the key to competitiveness growth and performance lies in unlocking the full potential of our recourses. Utilizing such resources and building a high performance, inclusive culture, are our priorities in achieving our vision to be a flexible and global company, aiming for best performance by supply of full integrity services.

As a leading independent contractor and consultant of corrosion control we do provide our clients with the best corrosion control solutions and materials as well as using the latest technologies in Surface Preparation and inspection LOS AMIGOS G.T.C aims to maintain this position by providing customers with an innovating service and secured products.

Our Mission

LOS AMIGOS G.T.Cpursuit of its goals is a long term commitment .Our mission is to be a focused company in corrosion control we have achieved a lot in this field by providing best materials equipment and consultancy solutions .

We strengthen our business partnerships with our customers by offering our full commitments to their needs and supporting this commitment with a unique blend of professional qualified team to insure that any obstacle can be solved easily in the most effective and economical manner, our Sales, After Sales and technical team who are looking for our client’s intrests,providing any technical support back up . All work is carried by a small team and supervised by one of the directors or senior managers to insure compliance with the requirements of the customer. This insures that the best engineering services are achieved as well as the logistics and the services, which are all, performed efficiently.

Our Partners

Our Clients

“ To all our Partners named clients, we are here for you to make it green, to control corrosion, to get the best value to you investments, we are your best choice ”

— Galal Elghor

Meet our team


Lana Vargas, ND, LAc


Emmett Marsh, PHD


Larissa O’Connor, MD


Tai Schell, PHD

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